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Nowadays, digital media resources have become important materials regarding to students or teachers.

NTU COOL is the abbreviation of NTU COurses OnLine. We aim to make the platform the efficient tool when teachers use digital technology and media for teaching. The platform can also help cultivate students’ self-learning ability.

The system has developed the following functions:

The system applies Canvas LMS system: basic functions include establishing course units, online assessment and assignment, uploading and viewing handouts, forum, grades, to-do list, notification system, student group, peer review and rubric establishment.

Video module: Supporting uploading videos by oneself or importing Youtube videos, leaving comments and responding on certain point of time on a video, adjusting video speed, recording students’ video watching behavior and providing graphic statistic chart.

Code mode: Supporting online platform coding, providing highlight/indent in different languages, code filing/downloading/displaying.

Symphony: Teachers can publish PDF file on the course platform. Students can also use tools on the platform to mark the file with fluorescent color, discuss and raise a question.

(translated from NTU Teaching and Learning Development Center website)

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